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H & H Business Development LLC
Our Philosophy
Innovation is all about turning technology into money!  Our definition of innovation is the commercially successful use of invention to fill a market need.  It all starts with making non-linear connections - ones that may not be intuitively obvious.  

Connecting customer opportunities with your business and technical capabilites is the key.  Having a strong understanding of what is needed in the industry or market that you are targeting, and then linking that back to the solutions that your company can develop will provide the best opportunity for successful innovation and growth.
In companies that have a great innovation track record, you will typically find a strong link between the marketing and technical communities.  This close partnership is essential to turning market understanding into new business growth.  

Close collaboration between functions within the company and external organizations (a.k.a. open innovation) can strengthen the possibilities.  Talk to H&H Business Development, LLC to explore options for stronger collaboration within your company!

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