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H & H Business Development LLC
Technology and Business Due Diligence
Program Management
Breakthrough innovation is one of the most difficult challenges for companies in achieving their growth goals.  At H & H Business Development, LLC, we have a wealth of experience in technology and business assessments that will allow your company to increase its chances of success in new innovation start-ups. We can assist with short-term due diligence evaluations of new technology or can provide longer-term, embedded program management within your company.  Talk to us about the possibilities! 
For Venture Capital and Private Equity firms, we provide technology and market due diligence assessments before investments are made.  We can provide short-term evaluations of specific technology platforms, as well as market and application assessments.  This information will arm you with valuable understanding of the investment space and upside potential before you make your investments!
H&H Business Development, LLC can provide regional or global program management expertise for your company.  We can provide counsel on how to best run the business or programs, or we can embed ourselves within the company and manage the project from within your team.  Contact us to discuss the best strategy for your opportunity.
Technology Implementation
If you have a product and are ready to implement, H&H Business Development can provide a focused, thorough analysis, and then prepare for and run good, effective product development trials on your behalf. Contact us at H&H Business Development for more information.
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